destillation from herbs and flowers for shampoobars&skinfood


Shampoo Fra Mundo makes all her products with medicinal hydrosols. This is a water-based product made from destilation of flowers, fruits, plants and herbs. 

Hydrosols are medicinal, cooling, anti-inflammaotry, moisturizing and help to restore the pH-value of the skin. Each product has its own unique beneficial properties for your hair and skin. Hydrosols can be very suitable for eldery, children and pregnant woman as well.

It is a very slow process. By steamdestillation in the copper kettle (see image) the ingredients are extracted from the plant. This makes the substance very concentrated, but not as much as essential oils. This is the reason why you can use pure medicinal hydrosols for your hair and skin, but you can drink most of them as well. 

The hydrosols we use:

  • Orange blossom hydrosol

Excellent for oily skin types. Astringent effect and balances sebum production. Very useful when you suffer from blackheads. A real vitamin C booster! 

  • Vervaine hydrosol

Vervaine is works refreshing and has a strengthening effect on body and soul. Contains: vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, kalium and iron.

  • Horse chestnut hydrosol

Can help to prevent hair loss and stimulates your blood circulation.

Used (only during autumn when the chestnuts fall) temporary in: LOHAS (old pink) and Celtic

  • Chamomile hydrosol 

Soothes the sensitive skin. Anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Contains: vitamin C, vitamin K, kalium, zinc, magnesium, fosfor, copper, iron and a lot of antioxidants.

Used in: skinfood Big bamboo 

  • Calendula hydrosol

Works healing. Perfect remedy for damaged skin (caused by shaving). Contains vitamin C, vitamin A, silicium, calcium, sulfur and natural acetylsalicylic acid (last ingredient is a natural painkiller)

Used in: Bunny shavingsoap,  Hair&body bar Baby Poehydro lotion calendula

  • Cornflower hydrosol 

Extremely regenerating for your hair and body which is exhausted. Perfect mild and suitable for skin around the eyes.The blue cornflower contains medical active substances like: natural tannins, flavonoids, bitter and mucilaginous. 

Used in: Penguins hair&body barskinfood bambi  

  • Birch hydrosol 

A real wonder water. Effective against hairloss and dandruff. Contributes to a healthy skin. Birch leaf contains: vitamin C, vitamin B3, tannins and flavonoids.

Used in: Serum Wonders and shampoobar Poppy

  • Rose hydrosol 

Water full of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins A, B3, C, D en E. It firms your skin and stimulates to renewal cells.

Used in: big bambooPinkie rose, hydro lotion rose

  • Wild carrot hydrosol 

is well and into the wild represented in our country. It contains carotene, which seems a natural protective ability against UV radiation.

Used in: Sun creme Brunee 

  • Rosemary hydrosol 

Stimulates blood circulation which strengthens your hair roots to create perfect circumstances for hair growth. It desinfects and refreshes your skin and hair. An exellent remedy against dandruff.

Used in: anti rose shampoobar,  lion hair&body bar 

  • Sage hydrosol 

makes your hair shine and is known for concealing gray hair. 
Sage contains saponine (soap), tannins, thujon, flavonoids, phyto- estrogen and resin

Used in: one leaf shampoobar 

  • Lavendula hydrosol 

Works soothing and relaxing for your entire body and mind. Has an harmonizing effect on itching and irritation. Contains: vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, selenium, sodium and zinc.

Used in: Piens tulips,  anti luisKids barLotusmister owlDoggyhydro lotion lavendula

  • Jasmin hydrosol 

wonderfully scented hydrosol made from dried jasmin flowers. Dry and fatty skin both benefits from the properties of these flowers. It makes your hair shine.

Used in: Faith 

  • Mint hydrosol

very refreshing and anti itching due to skin flakes.

Used in: Bee happy shampoobar 

  • Mistletoe hydrosol 

can help to reduce pigmentation spots. Helping hand in tissue/cell repair. Reduces skinflakes.

  •  Thyme hydrosol 

wonderful conditioner. Anti-itching.

Used in: Rose and Silky tulip

  • Echinacea hydrosol 

Echinacea stimulates the self-healing ability of the body and skin and an effective stimulator of the immune system. It seems effective against hair loss. Perfect for a dry and irritated skin.

Used in: Bodybalm Babassu and LOHAS

  • Immortelle hydrosol 

Immortelle is very useful for skin problems and stimulates the blood circulation. It can help to relieve muscle pain. Eczema, rosacea, acne, stretch marks, hematoma and scars can reduce. One of the best anti hematoma plant of the world.
It stimulates cell renewal and is perfect to keep the sebum balance of the scalp.

Contains: vitamin C, vitamin K, flavonoids, glycoside tannins to improve skin color and the only plant we know which contains neryl acetate. Last seems to increase the production of collagen. 

Used in: hydro lotion Immortelle hair&body bar LOHAS 

  • Eucalyptic hydrosol 

Eucalyptic is anti itching. It has a calming effect on skin and is very refreshing.

Used in: Shampoobar HappinessSkinfood Tan and Bodybalm Bacuri



The Process of our Homemade Medicinal Hydrosols