Shampoo/bodycare relatie geschenken

On the way to Christmas

When you are looking for original, functional, suistanable and spriritual gifts, then this webshop is the place to be.

These gift boxes contain two homemade shampoo-bars (see picture). Both are very nourishing and it's a wonderful wellness moment every day for everyone at any time. Even if you wash your hair every day. Now you have the chance to wish your love ones happiness with a beautiful shampoo-bar made of aloevera, hennepoil, eucalyptic hydrosol, avocado, rice and Celticsalt.

Everyone needs a sparkle of faith! This shampoo-bar is made of quinoa, cinnamon, hydrosol of orange blossoms, beet and himalayasalt for a lot of volume and shine. Just for special moments in life. And last but not least, these shampoobars are finally much more economical for your wallet than liquid shampoo in a plastic bottle!


Posted: 08-10-2020 18:48:36