Serum wonders


Serum Wonders is a real good mood needy. It's a multi functional moisturizing serum, which you can use for both hair and skin. To create beautifully defined hair for both curly and straith hair types. You will immediatly notice the bouncy and smooth effects of the emulsion. It even gives your hair some firmness, from the syrupy wonderoil. The wonderful thing, is the multi functionallity from the few powerful ingredients. Because it is also a gentle care for your eyelashes and face, either you use it as a moisturizing gel for your hands and nails. And now the secret miracle:
Aloe vera is mixed with wonderoil, avocado oil, wheat protein,a few drops coconut and completed with birch hydrosol and agar agar. Feel the difference, feel good! Do you need anything else?



Posted: 01-02-2022 20:19:32


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