Natural deo Cairn

Alem is a crystal which usually reactive arises in nature on rocks. The Romans already used the pure chrystal stones as an astringent remedy. Think about little wounds after shaving etc. Nowadays it is moreover a sustainable alternative for regular deo.

How does it work? It lowers the pH value of the skin, so bacterial get no chance. The result is your sweat doesn’t stink anymore. Probably sweating reduced a bit also. 

How we made it? We use medicinal hydrosol in stead of water to edit the alem stones. For a bit color we add a pinch clay. It take some time, before the beautiful crystals develop. But it’s worth it!

How to use it?
You gently rub it wherever you sweat. Once a day is usually enough. You can wet the stone a bit if you like. A big advantage is the stones never really run out. What do you get in return? Endless love!

Cairn is a sign to be on the right track.


Posted: 19-08-2022 07:30:45


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