Hydro lotion

Hydro lotion is the new body lotion revolution. What makes it so special?

This lotion is completed with a distillation of medicinal plants. A sort of water (hydrosol) infusion with a concentrated amount of beneficial ingredients. A big advantage is your skin is been able to absorb the vitamins and minerals from the added hydrosols.

With this method you can really nourish your skin from the outside. You surely know, your skin can’t absorb water. You should fill up. But from these natural blossom waters the medicinal substances absolutely can absorb by your skin.

The mix with oils from babassu, almond and rapeseed makes it even more complete. Last ones results in a vitamin E and K bomb for your body. Both vitamins have been scientifically proven to contain rejuvenating properties.

The bamboo bottles are refillable with another hydro lotion of your choice. In this case you get 10 euros discount. The circle is complete now.

Which one do you choose first?

Posted: 20-02-2023 11:14:52


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