Flax is a sacred and versatile crop

Easter or Holy Week is the most sacred week in the liturgical year in Christianity. Reason for us to refer to a sacred ingredient like flax used in face bar Owlsome.

In ancient Egypt, flax was a sacred symbol of light and purity because of its positive effect on healthy and beauty. Flax contains a lot of omega 3 acid, omega 6, omega 9, vitamin B1, B2, a lot of protein and antioxidants. It gives your skin firmness and tightness. It cleans, hydrates and protects.

Flax is very eco-friendly. It absorbs a lot of CO2 and does not need fertilizers and pesticides. The whole plant is used. The fibers are used to make linen, paper and rope. From the seeds we make oil for food, soap and cosmetics. The rest is used to make food for animals.

Face bar Owlsome is made with flaxseed oil. This face bar cleans and cares at the same time. It can help to reduce pimples and wrinkles. It is a perfect cleaning remedy for acne. Afterwards your skin feels perfectly smooth and bright. Maybe it even make your cream obsolete.

Flax is absolutely not superfluous for us and our planet. The best time to sow is around Easter. We look forward to a beautiful season and wish you all a happy Easter!




Posted: 04-04-2023 08:59:08


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