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Imperfection was not always and everywhere considered an appreciated feature of the handmade product, but times have changed. Beauty find the perfection in the imperfections. That is pure, real and sustainable.

We contribute with perfect care for your face, especially the skin around your eyes. Bambi skin care is made with grape seed oil and low molecular hyaluronic acid.

What is hyaluronic acid?
It is a natural substance of the body, stored in our skin, connective and nerve tissue. It regulates the hydration of the skin and flexibility of the joints. When we get older, we should need a little extra. We add a pinch natural vegan hyaluronic acid to Bambi skin care.

What exactly does it do? Due to a high water binding capacity hyaluronic acid is able like tiny sponges to increase its own volume extremely thus bolstering up the skin from inside out.

What is the efficacy? The skin looks firmer and wrinkles are less visible.

Contact Isabel when you need advice about your personal skin care. You also can order your Bambi skin care and we freshly prepare yours.


Posted: 04-06-2023 21:39:58


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