What a pity that human beings often so hard fighting mother nature, like the sun ☀️

Everything in nature seeks the sun!
Flowers turn to face it.
Plants expand to catch it.
Animals come out to graze in it.
Water deflects to capture it.
Fruits ripe to code it.
And humans? They slather toxins on their skin to block it.

When we look up to the sky from time to time, it seems that even airplanes block our sun by seeding fake clouds. When you pay attention you see the difference of all in the atmosphere. What will be the effects of the man-made sunshades? Maybe next generations will know.
But we know for sure that nature is our religion and earth our church. We enjoy the sun ☀️ and we only will avoid her when pigs can fly.

Of course we care for our skin and protect her against free radicals with a rich natural and nourishing sunscreen madefrom organic shea butter, raspberry seed oil, wheatgerm oil, calendula hydrosol and zinkoxide. Sunna is her name and you can get to know her in our shop.

Have a SUNN☀️day!

Posted: 14-05-2024 07:56:10


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