Skin tonic eyes

Get rid of puffy swollen eyes with the wonderful refreshing skin tonic EYES. Pure cornflower hydrosol from own handcrafted production can help to reduce a tired appearance. Think about congested eyes from screens, contact lenses, make up, air pollution, stress, bad sleep, etc. 

The medicinal water soluble ingredients from the beautiful blue cornflowers are trapped in the green bottle with a pump spray. Easy to use, so you can go on with a fresh view.

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Skinfood big bamboo with apothecary’s rose

Rosa Galicia is one of the roses we use in our products. Apothecary used to make medicines from the fragrant and medicinal roses. These are very versatile and so called a friend of all. We process the rose leaves in our distillery which preserves the valuable properties. 

Roses are a rich source of vitamin A, B3, C, D, E with a lot of antioxidants. Skinfood Big bamboo is prepared with rose hydrosol. It is one of our self-care products as a precaution for humans health and a velvety skin.

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Sunscreen Wooly

The returning stork just landed. Back in town. Waiting for the partner to build a nest together. And then they leave again. It's an odd hopefully phenomena, but also inherent in many living things. 

When you look forward to your next holiday and you want to fly free and protected at the same time, then don’t forget about Wooly. Natural sunscreen Wooly fits anywhere, anytime and belongs to your basic care. Wonderful Wooly always cares, hydrates and protects during all seasons. Very handy and useful, because behind the wooly clouds, the sky is always blue you know. So, let’s go and get home safely.

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Hydro lotion

Hydro lotion is the new body lotion revolution. What makes it so special?

This lotion is completed with a distillation of medicinal plants. A sort of water (hydrosol) infusion with a concentrated amount of beneficial ingredients. A big advantage is your skin is been able to absorb the vitamins and minerals from the added hydrosols.

With this method you can really nourish your skin from the outside. You surely know, your skin can’t absorb water. You should fill up. But from these natural blossom waters the medicinal substances absolutely can absorb by your skin.

The mix with oils from babassu, almond and rapeseed makes it even more complete. Last ones results in a vitamin E and K bomb for your body. Both vitamins have been scientifically proven to contain rejuvenating properties.

The bamboo bottles are refillable with another hydro lotion of your choice. In this case you get 10 euros discount. The circle is complete now.

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2in1 shampoo&conditioner Rose

2 in 1 shampoo&conditioner Rose. Because we make it with deeply respect for nature and her unconditional well-being. We are totally committed to our job and we give 100% of ourselves. And last but not least, we want to please you with all our homemade products that are full of affection. 

We show you all this by sharing our experiences. Isn’t it love?

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Natural deo stones Cairn

Natural deo stones Cairn are unique in the world. Cairn deo is guaranteed to stop your smelly sweat with just one light application, for at least 24 hours. Despite what many people think, body odor comes not from sweat. But it’s the bacteria that feed on sweat and make it stink.

It took blood, sweat and tears to create these magnificent deo stones. The result is consistently impressive. The magic ingredient or so called the secret sauce of the stones is alum. Natural alum crystals from the mountains are baptized to develop in different blossom waters, such as orange blossom, lavendula and laurel. We add a pinch of clay to make different color stones. Alum lowers the ph-value of your skin, so bacteria don’t get a chance at all.
And wonder of wonders the naked natural stones can last a lifetime. We dare to say “Philosopher’s stone has been found.”

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Let February be a month of love and happiness. We are full of shampoobar Happiness, because it is 100% natural and handmade with love. Eucalyptic hydrosol is a specific ingredient. Did you know the eucalyptic tree is a sacred one for the Australian aboriginals? Did you know about aqua colors and eucalyptic leaves symbolizes protection? Either it's the gateway to spiritual awareness. But these people also use the eucalyptic leaves, because of its purifying effect on itching. Shampoobar Happiness is made with distilled eucalyptic to simply purify your scalp and hair. Added hemp and avocado oil are caring and hydrating. Vegetable elastin and hair quat are natural hair thickeners to make full hair. All lovely pure things to create happiness🍀

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Natural contouring skinfood tan

Skinfood tan as part of your daily beauty routine. Your favorite bronzer during the day and maybe a little bit more glow when you are going out in the evening. No worries your skin can’t breathe. You feel free and radiant! With a fingertip you shape your face tone while your skin is nourished and even becomes healthier. Natural contouring cream in refillable bamboo boxes to emphasize our wishes and ideals. Because small personal changes contribute to bigger global goals. A dream within easy rich, isn’t a miracle?




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