Natural contouring skinfood tan

Skinfood tan as part of your daily beauty routine. Your favorite bronzer during the day and maybe a little bit more glow when you are going out in the evening. No worries your skin can’t breathe. You feel free and radiant! With a fingertip you shape your face tone while your skin is nourished and even becomes healthier. Natural contouring cream in refillable bamboo boxes to emphasize our wishes and ideals. Because small personal changes contribute to bigger global goals. A dream within easy rich, isn’t a miracle?





Hair&body bar Celtic with rosemary

A reputed science about rosemary is the stimulating and balancing effect on both senses and body. We use rosemary for distillation. All medicinal substances included ethereal oil are extracted. It is a slow process. Rosemary seems a popular remedy to stimulate hair growth. Hair&body bar Celtic is made from pure rosemary hydrosol with ethereal oil. The spiritual bar certainly stimulates all your senses. Let it be also national hugging day and I didn’t know, you do?


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How to turn something ordinary in something special? Easy- peasy! Change your bathroom from a plastic dump into a real hammam with our homemade, 100% natural shampoobars and body care. These real treasures stimulate all senses every day again and again. Freshly made with only the best ingredients, we contribute together to a world without plastic. That’s real art!

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Not anymore by using Babassu body balm. Discomforts like a dry, raw and irritated skin can disappear like snow in the sun. This cream is made with echinacea hydrosol, which is a good remedy due it’s antiseptic properties. Bèta carotene is also present in these plants, which is a pro vitamin A and has been proven to increase immunity. These medicinal substances are extracted from the plant by destillation to be processed into a hand crafted balm. The result is a well absorbed balm with a cocktail of vitamins and minerals.The packaging made from glas and bamboo can be refilled. So we also contribute to a sustainable world together. The picture with frozen echinacea flowers serves as a metaphor. Let your imagination run wild.



Happy new year of Bunny

Wet shaving is an experience in a way dry shaving simply isn't. Let’s start to take some time to pause in a hectic lifestyle. Going to the routine of shaving prep and using high quality shavingsoap. Bunny is one! You create a luxurious and enjoyable experience time after time. Shaving soap Bunny is made from skin identical tallow for a velvety soft skin. Afterall Bunny is adorable, gentle and an artistic creation, according to the sign of zodiac. We think it could be your new best friend year over year. But first we all count down and celebrate New Year's Eve!

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Bath & Bubbles

Surprise your  family and friends on New Year's Eve with this beautiful trio.

You get:

1 special cava gold (only made in the best harvest years and aged for 12 months)

1 delicate Hair&bodybar Bubbles 

1 gold decorated oyster holder 

Let the bubbles flow and toast to a happy and healthy 2023🥂

Limited edition, please contact 



Christmas shampoobar carousel horse

The children go round at the winter fair. Afterwards they get their carousel horse shampoobar for Christmas to wash their own hair. The ancient carousel and the modern shampoobar meant as a metaphor, whereby old and new connect. Last round before Christmas we will serve our municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug with beautiful sustainable gifts at the Christmas fair. Let it ride, we go for it!

Surprise your sweethearts with a ride.



Shampoobar faith

These freshly handmade shampoobars are to be framed and equal to 4 bottles of liquid shampoo. Now let’s start en masse with solid shampoo to be continued next year. For just a sustainable planet or simply for your health and natural beauty. With only benefits, it should be easy. Along the way to Christmas we invite you all to across the threshold with attractive gifts. Did we make you curious about it?

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