XIE Hair oil

Hair oil XIE creates a healthy scalp environment and beautifully hydrated hair. The right conditions for hair growth. Both in length, strength and volume.

Organic hair oil XIE is a protein infused hair oil. A perfect naturally treatment oil for all hair types. It is intensely nourishing, recovering and hydrating.

What's in it?

A mix of castor oil and grape seed oil infused by different proteins, like: keratin, hair quat and silk protein. Essential oils such as bergamot, orange bitter and rosemary are also added. How refreshing and stimulating!

How you use it?

Shake the bottle before using to get the best composition. Then you put a few drops on your scalp and massage it in on both scalp and hair with your fingertips or with our massage hairbrush. Now you are done and will be surprised at the result and comfortable feeling.

XIE is also the name from the lady with the longest hair in the world. 

We are in love with XIE and for sure you to!

XIE XIE (it means thank you in Chinese)


Dragon blood tree

Body bar Tenerife serves your body from sulfur and dragon blood.

Sulfur seems very beneficial for your body and can help solve skin problems like acne, psoriasis and eczema. Think about the beneficial sulfur Spa’s which are unfortunately not always in reach.
Dragon blood has a rich history in traditional medicine and cosmetics. It has a lot of antioxidants and inflammatory properties. Dragon blood is a ancient remedy to regenerate the skin and improves the healing process.

Dragon blood trees are the green symbols of Tenerife which is also the reason for the name of the body bar.

When your sensitive skin can use a bit help to clean and be cared by naturally rare ingredients, you should use body bar Tenerife as starter for your skin care routine.

Enjoy your green Tenerife experience💚


Skin healing oil Belly

Skin healing oil Belly accompanied by immortal hydrosol is a perfect remedy for all kinds of skin discomfort during pregnancy.

What’s in it? Skin healing oil Belly contains grape seed and apricot kernel oil. Both are so called dry oils. These are mixed with Himalayan cedar wood and freesia flowers for a optimal refreshing feeling.
Immortal hydrosol contains a lot of beneficials like flavonoids, minerals and vitamins, which can penetrate deep into your skin to support natural skin healing. Horse chestnuts seems to stimulate blood circulation which can help against stretch marks. It contains a lot of tannins and flavonoids to improve your skin color and can boost your resilience.

Recommended: pregnant women and persons with excessive body changes.

How to use it: You daily massage your body with skin oil Belly together with skin tonic immortal. The healing ingredients of both can penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin. In this way your skin gets a double booster.



Shaving soap Bunny

Shaving soap Bunny is the only adorable foamy bunny on earth. Smoother than smooth for your body. Skin irritations can be eliminated by using our lovely Bunny.

Bunny is made with beef tallow and calendula hydrosol. Beef tallow is a hydrating skin identical substance and calendula is skin healing.

We think when shaving soap Bunny once hopping into your life, it will never leave!

Hoppy Easter🐰




There are also typical feminine creations in nature. Birch is one of them. She is called: “the white lady with green veil”. Why?

She shines like a slim, chic lady with her silver white bark and silver green lush leaves. It’s a tree of renewal and marks new beginnings everywhere. A benefactor and pioneer par excellence.

Medicinal properties were attributed to these trees for centuries. This ancient science also has an innovative modern-day effect. Birch seems good for skin, nails and hair. It supports collagen production and has a purifying effect due to its saponin.

Birch contains: vitamin C, vitamin B3, minerals, flavonoids, tannins, betulinic acid and ethereal oil.
We only use birch leaves of natural origin, that grow in the wild. Trees without human interference. You know, the more one has been able to work on its own the more powerful. Usually then, the ingredients are optimal present.

We make a powerful birch hydrosol from the leaves. And this booster we use for our Shampoobar Poppy and our popular serum Wonders. Specific for hair care, the effect is stronger by using both items. Shampoobar Poppy actually was created by curly hair types. But also when you just want bouncy hair with a mysterious scent of opium, you can fix it with shampoobar Poppy.

Ladies let's celebrate💚


Lip balm Manon

Will you be one of the lucky ones this Valentine?

Chocolate is the food of love. What if you can unlimited enjoy the taste of chocolate without consuming the calories?

Manon looks like something to eat
It smells like a good coffee
It taste like a chocolate
It makes you feel good
Oh la la, you'll love Manon

Guess, shop and then fill in your favorite shampoobar at the comment. On February 14, 2024 we will choose random 2 Manon users. The lucky ones get their favorite shampoo bar sent home.






Shampoobar Monte Carlo

Shampoo bar Monte Carlo is inspired by formula 1.

You have high standards.You want to shine. You want your hair easy to model. You want it to be protected against free radicals and hair tools. You like to control every single hair.
And then it should also be sustainable, natural, healthy and economical. And please fast, either directly.

Is that all going together? The answer is YES!

Shampoobar Monte Carlo has it all!

It is because of the green tea wax. Formula 1 in terms of protection and shine, due to the high content of antioxidants. At the same time your hair is preserved by a little layer of wax.

Especially recommended when you are in a hurry and you use tools to model your hair. After using Monte Carlo your hair feel smooth, is extremely manageable and at the same time protected.

You definitely qualify for party mode!

Run to shop 




Isabel’s winterglow

When James Bond went to a health and beauty center as a ignorant employee using bottles of secret oils, he occurred successfully.

I hear you thinking, what it has to do with your business?

Well my name is Isabel, Isabel Marie. I want to share something, which you certainly benefits from.
Maybe you feel a little bit lost and disappointed in your personal care. You are done with all the false promises of the cosmic industry and you are looking for real natural body care. A lasting natural remedy for your dry and grey skin during winters.

My Isabel’s winterglow changes your poor skin into a healthy and hydrated body skin in no time.

I can say Isabel’s winterglow forever and ever!

In the name of 007, I think we got the point and go for a skin to be kissed!

Isabel Marie

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