€ 35,00

ISABEL'S SKIN OIL - straight from the apothecary's bottle - is extremely hydrating for skin.

The oil is available in 2 variations:

  1. SUMMER GLOW contains a mix of oils with natural protection properties themselves. No added sun filter!
  2. WINTERGLOW contains a mix of warming and dry oils which are very well absorbed by skin. 

What's in it:

  1. SUMMER GLOW is a mix from avocado oil, wheat germ oil, almond oil and raspberry seed oil and freshly home made prepared aloe vera. The scent of coconut makes it finishing touch!
  2. WINTERGLOW is a mix from apricot kernel oil, wild rose oil, almond oil and freshly home made prepared aloe vera. Sandalwood makes it finishing touch!


  1. SUMMER GLOW is specific for tanned skin, which is used to the sun. 
  2. WINTER GLOW is for those who want a perfect hydrated and beautiful skin


  1. SUMMER GLOW provides you top hydration. Natural tanned and a lot of vitamin A,D and E.
  2. WINTER GLOW provides you top hydration, glowy skin and a lot of skin vitamins 

Refill price: 30 euros

Content: 80 ml