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    Sun balm Woolly is a natural sunscreen (SPF15) which offers protection against uv-A and uv-B radiation. Wooly contains oils and butters with protective properties themselves. At the same time, the skin gets extra protection thanks to an added natural sun filter zinc (non-nano-non-coating zinc, which means as much as sustainable and approved for humans and environment). Zinc forms a very thin water resistant layer (shield) on the skin, which reflects the sunlight.

    Content: 100 ml

    Refill price: € 50,00 euros 


    What's in it: bit shea butter, plentiful wheatgerm oil, plentiful raspberry seed oil, splash  calendula/wild carrot hydrosol, lot of freshly prepared aloe-vera and philosopher's wool (zinc)

    Recommended: natural tanning for skins which are already used to the sun

    Efficacy: beautiful natural moisturizer for a long lasting tan. Has a cooling effect and prevents heat rash.

    User instructions: the balm is water resistant, but apply regularly to your own well-being 

    Note: Always let your skin get used to the sun. Very slowly, carefully and little by little. Preferably a little bit all year round. It certainly helps to get and keep a beautifully tanned and protected skin, which can provides us in a natural way with vitamin D. Just from the sun's rays!



     all products are freshly handmade*100% natural*anti bacterial*sustainable

    € 55,00