SUN BODY LOTION WOOLLY is a excellent moisturizer with a natural mineral sunscreen. Flowers of zinc gently envelop your body to reflect the sunlight. The only one which blocks UVA and UVB. Decide by yourself what feels good to you. The sun is your business!


    About half an hour a day oncovered sunbathing. Preferably spread over the day. Benificial for the production of vitamin D. (find the shadow if your body is not yet used to the sun)

    Use suncream with a mineral filter the rest of the day. Apply more times depending of your skin type.

    With intense sun radiation you need to cover your body, like the people from the tropics. 

    Important: This sunscreen does not damage the ocean and reefs.

    This product is non-nano.

    Ingredients: Sheabutter, wheatgerm, raspberry seed oil, wild carrot hydrosol, philosopher's wool, olivem.

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    € 55,00

    Gentleman giftbox: 1 shavingsoap Bunny served on a gold decorated oyster holder. 1 big bamboo skinfood.

    Both are richly provided with calendula hydrosol


    PS: remind yourself of your daily sincere booster 

    all products are freshly handmade*100% natural*anti bacterial*sustainable

    € 55,00 € 63,00

    Skinfood BAMBI in handy refillable pump bottle.

    Specific ingredients: Sal butter, cacaobutter, grape seed oil, cornflower hydrosol, ylang ylang oil and vitamin E.

    Recommended: sensitive and delicate skin around your eyes.

    30 ml

    refill: €30 euros

    € 35,00

    Skinfood TAN is a nourishing tinted day cream. With a fingertip, you create a beautiful skin colour.

    Ingredients: Ilipebutter, cacaobutter and wheatgerm-oil and brown iron oxide soaked in eucalyptic hydrosol.

    This creme has a purifying effect. It can give you a beautiful tan with an intensity you choose. No blocked pores, rather hydrated and protected, while your skin can breathe. Absolutely top!



    € 45,00

    LIP BALM BIG for beautiful hydrated lips 

    Ingredients: cacao butter, bees wax, olivem, sunflower honey, fresh prepared aloe vera, glycerin, wild orange and spiced pomander flavour. 

    2 choices: BASIC or CRACK. Last one is especially for cracking mouth corners and to reflect the sunlight

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    Refill price: 15 euros

    all products are freshly handmade*100% natural*anti bacterial*sustainable

    € 20,00

    Bodybalm BABASSU is a wonderfully refreshing and absorbing bodylotion full of vitamin E

    Ingredients: babassu butter from Brasil, freshly prepared aloe vera, wheatgerm oil finished with Echinacea hydrosol.

    100 ml

    Refill price: 45 euros

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    € 55,00

    Body balm BACURI is a medicinal body creme

    Ingredients: . The golden brown bacuri butter from the Amazon is mixed with coconut, wheat germ, almond oil, vitamin E, olivem, eucalyptic and freshly prepared aloe vera

    Recommended: problem skin with scars, eczema, sunburns, acne and rosacea

    Learn more: BACURI BALSEM

    100 ml

    Refill price: 45 euros



    € 55,00

    Sun creme Brunee can support you to get a beautiful, healthy and long lasting tan.

    Ingredients: Raspberry seed oil, avocado oil, sheabutter, coconut butter, wheatgerm oil, freshly prepared aloe-vera gel, wild carrot/calendula hydrosol and zincoxide.

    Recommended: natural tanning.

    Efficacy: The oils and butters we use have nourishing and protective properties them selves. Aloevera has a cooling effect and calendula is known for its healing properties 

    Added non-nano and non-coating zinkoxid is extra to reflect sunlight UVA-and UVB. Choose your favorite amount of 15 or 25 % zinc oxide. 

    Note: Always let your skin get used to the sun. Very slowly, carefully and little by little. Preferably a little bit all year round. It certainly helps to get and keep a beautifully tanned and protected skin, which can provides us in a natural way with vitamin D. Just from the sun's rays!

    Refill: €40 Euros 


    € 45,00

    Skinfood BIG BAMBOO is a richly, thick and nourishing cream.

    Ingredients: Salbutter mixed with almondoil, cacaobutter, freshly prepared aloe vera and home made hydrosols from medicinal plants, flowers and herbs.

    Made without any chemical additives. Choose your own hydrosol, because these all have their own specific properties. 

    Chamomile/rose is soothing your skin. Cleopatras choice.              

    Cornflower hydrosol in case of couperose. 

    Mistletoe is anti spotting.

    Orange blossom: excellent for oily skin


    50 ml

    Refill price: 35 euros

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    € 45,00