skincare FACE

    SKIN FOOD BIG BAMBOO is a rich, thick nourishing cream. The cream can be used for both day and night. 

    What's in it: Salbutter mixed with almondoil, rose oil, cacaobutter, freshly prepared aloe vera and home made rose hydrosol.

    Efficacy: for beautiful healthy and nourished skin

    Content: 50 ml

    Refill price: € 40

    € 45,00

    SKIN FOOD BAMBI is our natural botox. How come? Due to the hyaluronic acid, which has been proven to soften wrinkles. The cream comes in a handy refillable pump bottle.

    What's in it: Sal butter, cacaobutter, hyaluronic acid, grape seed oil, cornflower hydrosol, ylang ylang oil and vitamin E.

    Recommended: senistive skin and delicate skin around the eyes.

    Efficacy: natural anti-aging cream which soften wrinkles, smoothes your skin and stimulates to regenarate cells.

    Content: 30 ml

    Refill price: €35 


    € 40,00

    SKIN HEALING BALM helps skin to calm down and recover. The main ingredient Bacuri comes from a nut in Brazil and works naturally healing. The balm provides the skin with a healthy natural glow.

    What's in it: bacuri butter, wheatgerm oil, avocado, sunflower honey, sunflower oil, vitamin E oil, olivem and freshly prepared aloe vera.

    How to use it: after applying the SKIN TONIC, spread a tiny little bit of the balm on the face. Let the skin absorb for a healthy glow.

    Content: 20 ml

    Refill price: €22

    € 27,00

    SKIN TONIC is a refreshing medicinal water (hydrosol) for the face. The tonic is made from pure chamomile flowers and contains many minerals and vitamins. Use the tonic for healthy happy skin.

    What's in it: 100% chamomile hydrosol

    How to use it: 

    The tonic can be used for:

    • cleansing the face; or
    • as a fist step in your skincare routine. Let the skin absorb the medicinal water and for ultimate healthy glowy skin use SKIN HEALING BALM after.

    Content: 80 ml

    Refill price: €20

    € 25,00

    FACEBAR OWLSOME is a 100% natural facial cleanser for soft and healthy skin.

    What's in it: saponified coconut, orange blossom hydrosol, orange peel, banana powder, linseed oil, soya oil, aloe vera and red clay.

    How to use it: wet the bar and rub gently over the face. Massage the skin and rinse.




    all products are freshly handmade *100% natural*anti bacterial*sustainable

    € 12,00

    LIP BALM MANON is a natural soft lip balm. The balm works extremely hydrating for the lips.

    Get soft lips with an experience of chocolate!

    What's in it: cacao butter, bees wax, olivem, sunflower oil sunflower honey, freshly prepared aloe vera, glycerin, wild orange and spiced pomander flavour.

    Content: 20 ml

    Refill price: € 17 

    € 22,00
skincare BODY

    ULTRA SMOOTHING SKIN BALM smoothes your skin where needed. The balm can be used for feet, hands, lips or other dry spots. It works extremely smoothing for any skin. 

    What's in it: lanolin, honey acid, wild horse chesnuts, eucalyptic and tea trea oil.

    Content: 20 ml

    Refill price: €22

    € 22,00

    Massage balm BLUE LAGOON is a medicinal relaxing body balm. Can be used for different physical discomfort like: stiffness, cramp, tissue problems and physical pain in general. The balm can also have a positive effect on skin disorders like: psoriasis, eczema, swelling and bruising.

    What's in it: immortal hydrosol (seems worlds best hematoma plant), sunflower and rose oil, MSM sulfur powder, death sea salt, clitoria ternatea, horse chestnut tincture, immortal ethereal oil and mint ethereal oil.

    Efficacy: improves the blood circulation, relieves pain and known for its anti-inflammatory effect.

    Learn more: HOME SPA

    Content: 100 ml



    all products are freshly handmade*100% natural*anti bacterial*sustainable


    € 55,00

    ISABEL'S SKIN OIL - straight from the apothecary's bottle - is extremely hydrating for skin.

    The oil is available in 2 variations:

    1. SUMMER GLOW contains a mix of oils with natural protection properties themselves. No added sun filter!
    2. WINTERGLOW contains a mix of warming and dry oils which are very well absorbed by skin. 

    What's in it:

    1. SUMMER GLOW is a mix from avocado oil, wheat germ oil, almond oil and raspberry seed oil and freshly home made prepared aloe vera. The scent of coconut makes it finishing touch!
    2. WINTERGLOW is a mix from apricot kernel oil, wild rose oil, almond oil and freshly home made prepared aloe vera. Sandalwood makes it finishing touch!


    1. SUMMER GLOW is specific for tanned skin, which is used to the sun. 
    2. WINTER GLOW is for those who want a perfect hydrated and beautiful skin


    1. SUMMER GLOW provides you top hydration. Natural tanned and a lot of vitamin A,D and E.
    2. WINTER GLOW provides you top hydration, glowy skin and a lot of skin vitamins 

    Refill price: 30 euros

    Content: 80 ml


    € 35,00

    HYDRO LOTION YER is a deeply nourishing body lotion. The lotion is inspired by our top model Yereton. With a refreshing summery scent, due to the verbena hydrosol and lemongrass. Verbena strengthens the inner state of mind.

    What's in it: babassu oil (dry oil), rapeseed oil, almond oil, olivem, fresly prepared aloe vera soaked in vervain hydrosol.

    Efficacy: very nourishing lotion, to get intensive, long lasting hydrated skin. 

    Refill price: €45 euros

    Content: 100 ml

    Learn more about hydrosols



     all products are freshly handmade*100% natural*anti bacterial*sustainable

    € 55,00

    Bodybalm BACURI is a medicinal body lotion. Due to the bacuri, the lotion works healing and therefore can be perfectly used for sensitive skin.

    What's in it?: Golden brown bacuri butter from the Amazon mixed with coconut, wheat germ, almond oil, olivem, vitamin E, eucalyptic hydrosol and freshly prepared aloe vera.

    Recommended: after sun, sunburn, scars, eczema, acne and rosacea.

    Learn more: BACURI BALSEM

    Content: 100 ml

    Refill price: € 45 euros


    all products are freshly handmade*100% natural*anti bacterial*sustainable



    € 55,00
skincare SUN

    Sun balm Woolly is a natural sunscreen (SPF15) which offers protection against uv-A and uv-B radiation. Wooly contains oils and butters with protective properties themselves. At the same time, the skin gets extra protection thanks to an added natural sun filter zinc (non-nano-non-coating zinc, which means as much as sustainable and approved for humans and environment). Zinc forms a very thin water resistant layer (shield) on the skin, which reflects the sunlight.

    Content: 100 ml

    Refill price: € 50,00 euros 


    What's in it: bit shea butter, plentiful wheatgerm oil, plentiful raspberry seed oil, splash  calendula/wild carrot hydrosol, lot of freshly prepared aloe-vera and philosopher's wool (zinc)

    Recommended: natural tanning for skins which are already used to the sun

    Efficacy: beautiful natural moisturizer for a long lasting tan. Has a cooling effect and prevents heat rash.

    User instructions: the balm is water resistant, but apply regularly to your own well-being 

    Note: Always let your skin get used to the sun. Very slowly, carefully and little by little. Preferably a little bit all year round. It certainly helps to get and keep a beautifully tanned and protected skin, which can provides us in a natural way with vitamin D. Just from the sun's rays!



     all products are freshly handmade*100% natural*anti bacterial*sustainable

    € 55,00

    BODY SCRUB EARTH is a gentle Ayurvedic scrub, packed in a sunwax shell. Heaven on earth!

    Recommended: natural mineral and vitamin booster for your skin. Remove death skin cells and helps with impurities.

    Efficacy: smooth and healthy skin

    Body/face scrub is a mild nourishing scrub for your entire body with ghassoul clay, Ayurvedic ubtan powder, coconut oil, eucalyptic oil and Dead Sea salt.

    Face scrub has world's best ingredients. Made from local honey from Cothen, orange peel powder, Ceylon cinnamon, Vietnamese fair trade Hoi An Coffee, French pink clay and cold pressed almond oil. It seems also a good remedy with acne.

    Foot scrub with Himalaya salt, baking soda, sunflower and ethereal oil is a firm and effective scrub for your feet and cracked heels. 

    Refill price: € 25 euros

    User instructions: Just take a little piece from earth and you gently massage it on your wet skin. 


    € 30,00