€ 30,00

BODY SCRUB EARTH is a gentle Ayurvedic scrub, packed in a sunwax shell. Heaven on earth!

Recommended: natural mineral and vitamin booster for your skin. Remove death skin cells and helps with impurities.

Efficacy: smooth and healthy skin

Body/face scrub is a mild nourishing scrub for your entire body with ghassoul clay, Ayurvedic ubtan powder, coconut oil, eucalyptic oil and Dead Sea salt.

Face scrub has world's best ingredients. Made from local honey from Cothen, orange peel powder, Ceylon cinnamon, Vietnamese fair trade Hoi An Coffee, French pink clay and cold pressed almond oil. It seems also a good remedy with acne.

Foot scrub with Himalaya salt, baking soda, sunflower and ethereal oil is a firm and effective scrub for your feet and cracked heels. 

Refill price: € 25 euros

User instructions: Just take a little piece from earth and you gently massage it on your wet skin.