€ 15,00

Hair and body bar LOHAS with the image of the water lily's of Monet, tames your curls and frizzy hair

Meaning: Lifestyle Of Healthy And Sustainability 

Recommended: dry hair/scalp

Efficacy: due the light structure it easily penetrates into your hair. It provides instant results and your hair looks immediately healthier. One shampoobar LOHAS is equal to 3 bottles of liquid shampoo.

What's in it: saponified coconut, rapeseed oil (vitamin E, protein), Dead Sea salt, turmeric, boswelia, immortelle ethereal oil, lemongrass and fresh lemon juice, soaked in Immortelle hydrosol 

LOHAS AUTUMN/WINTER (old pink) is special made to regulate sebum production and blood circulation.

Recommended: oily hair/skin

Efficacy: immunity boost for your skin 

What's in it: red clay, balsamic vinegar, walnut oil soaked in echinacea hydrosol and freshly prepared horse chestnuts during autumn.

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                    Shampoobars met wilde kastanjes 

User instructions: foam between your hands or apply the shampoobar directly into your hair and body as well. Massage gently while soaking and rinse.

 all products are freshly handmade*100% natural*anti bacterial*sustainable