Ikigai japanese beauty

Follow your Ikigai is a Japanese life philosophy from Okinawa in the blue zone. In addition to a healthy responsible lifestyle is this their life attitude. It means ‘arise with a purpose’. Try to feel deep down what moves you to live on this earth and experience the gratitude in better and in worse. It seems to ensure a long and happy life. This time it is not a fairy tale, but just a fact. 

It is another tropical day in our country. Time to slow down!
A few days ago, I went out to get some wild carrot (Daucus carota). In our region, this plant is richly represented into the wild. It is edible and sows itself over and over again. It contains a lot of potassium (kalium) which helps to regulate moisture balance of the skin. It is also high in carotene which provides natural protection for your body. But above all, your skin is not hindered from producing much needed vitamin D, of which the sun is the main source.

Our motives are to act from a scientific intuition. So with this beautiful plant in combination with zinc, natural oils and butters, a very nice and functional sun cream  was created. Do you also want some? Please Contact


Posted: 11-08-2020 13:18:45