shampoo- bar Lotus voor glad haar

Shampoo-bar Lotus in the picture

Shampoobar Lotus is a real winner, because of its hair identical proteins! With a splash of keratin, real silkfibers and a lot of  coconut blossom vinegar this shampoo acts like a serum. The low sodium content of celtic salt provides a solid counterbalance against oily hair. Lavendula hydrosol harmonizes and provides a spring fresh feeling as well. A total picture for beautiful, shiny, healthy and hydrated hair. Spring is in the air!

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€ 15,00

Shampoobar LOTUS feels like a dream. The bar creates super glossy hair.

Recommended: fluffy hair

Efficacy: a natural way to smooth and glossy hair

What's in it: saponified coconut, silk protein, coconut oil, coconutblossom vinegrar, kaolinclay soaked in lavender hydrosol with a subtile coconut fragance.

How to use it: foam between your hands or apply the shampoobar directly into your hair. Let it soak for a while and rinse.

 all products are freshly handmade*100% natural*anti bacterial*sustainable


Posted: 19-08-2020 11:49:29