Mooi en langdurig bruin

Beautiful and long-lasting tan

Run-up to beautiful sunny times. Many people, animals and plants bloom again from the wonderful sun rays. The ultimate protection is a tanned skin. Pigment cells are located on the surface of the skin and their production protect us against UV-rays. A skin that slowly gets used to the natural and increasing sun rays is recommended. Allowing it to produce the much needed vitamin-D itself under the influence of the sun. We need this vitamin to function properly. Another reason to choose for this really natural suncare is: we take care of ourselves and our world and we do not destroy our cells and beautiful natural enviroment with chemical mess.
This suncare guides your body to offer its own protection. Listen to your body and often the more is less. Hurry slowly and sun with care!

These exclusive sun and after sun care made from precious butters and oils are available to order and freshly made for you! available in the SHOP


Posted: 13-03-2021 17:26:14