Natural shampoobars Lotus

The more, the better

Maybe you once have heard of the ‘no poo method’. It is no more than cleaning your hair with only water. Ok I kind of get that, because the regular shampoo and conditioners usually consist of water with a lot of chemical substances like sulfates. Maybe you are lucky if the content contains 1% stuff of the commercial. The reason you actually bought it. No more!
From now on, we will take a different path. Our way to authencity and real beauty with shampoobars from framundo, which are handmade prepared with love and dedication. All richly provided with natural and precious oils and butters for optimal hydration and nutrition. So you can use these shampoo bars as often as you want. That makes your hair even more better, more healthier and more beautiful. It will simply makes you feel better as long as your hair is ok!

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Posted: 31-07-2021 08:53:23