Body scrub Earth

It seems difficult to get along peacefully in the world time over time. Earth is so wonderfully created, but humans make it a mess. So we pray for friend and foe all over the world, who can’t in no way help to be involved. Back to inner peace and our little manageable world. It is time for a spring cleansing right now. Let's start with our bodies. Scub Earth is the helping hand. You gently scrub a little bit from Earth over your wet body skin and rinse. The result is a lovely smooth and hydrated skin. A good start to change of season. We can’t fix the whole world by no war, no poo, no waste, no plastic etc, etc. At least, we all can go for the change we wish to see in the world!

Let's start!

Posted: 16-03-2022 08:22:00


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