Some lives on earth seem immortal, like the straw flower. The yellow flowers are known for 2000 years and their name is immortelle, because these beautiful medicinal flowers always keep their color, scent and their life force. Even when picked they do not wilt. They flourish in all circumstances. The roots of the plant on the sunny rocky maquis regenarate over and over again. That’s one of the reasons we feel called to make a wonderful beneficial hydrosol with the Helichcrysum italicum. The power of the flower is united in the medicinal water. Hair&bodybar LOHAS and CELTIC are now being made with this healthy blossom water. The plant should offer a natural antioxidant effect that is twice as powerful as vitamin E. Of course we say yes to it! We think you won’t get any better!

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Posted: 22-06-2022 10:58:57


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