Sun balm woolly

A long time ago the alchemist, as part of their rituals, would burn zinc in air and collect the residue, which formed in white woolly tufts. They called it lana philosophica in Latin, meaning philopher’s wool. The compound zinc oxide (ZnO) has many uses, including a useful natural sunscreen. It seems to be the only one that blocks UvA and UvB. A woolly layer surrounds your body and reflects the sunlight. It is water resistant and does not damage the sea and underwater life. Sun balm Woolly contains this natural sunscreen. Woolly is your perfect buddy on days when your naked body could use some extra protection. You move more freely while gently tanned in a responsible way. You are your own bodyguard, isn’t it?

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Posted: 03-08-2022 21:17:19


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