Natural toothpaste matcha

Is the synthetic tooth brush and synthetic toothpaste still your remedy for a healthy oral environment? 

Think about: we invent the best for our foods, wine and household. We have climate chambers for drinks and a lot of food improvers. But for our body entrance and maintenance, we seem often thoughtless and rely on the chemical industry.
Wouldn't you be better off with a natural toothbrush with some natural toothpaste? 

What's in it?

Matcha powder. It contains naturally fluor itself for strong teeth.
Coconut oil. It seems to eliminate bacteria.
Celtic salt. It contains all the necessary minerals we need as humans.
Mint hydrosol. It has proven to be a medicinal herb and seems to help against mucosal inflammation.
Butterfly pea tee. It reduces the risk of tooth decay.

You need a tiny bit and stay okay for the rest of the day. Very economical you will notice.

Yeah, what fills the heart, will flow over from the mouth!

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Posted: 19-10-2023 19:40:11


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