Hair&body bar baby poe

Dragons are so called angels of the orient. Dragons are the most highly revered zodiac animal of all. Did you know why Chinese parents want dragon babies?

In this region dragons are considered a symbol of power and strength. Dragons represents good luck and health. And apparently these newborns are often successful in their life. Chinese people even think emperors of dynasties are reincarnations of dragons.

The year of the wood dragon 2024 is special, because it’s a rare combination of the dragon’s power and the wood’s creativity. It is a year of innovation and growth. It is a year to pursue your dreams, express your ideas and expand your horizons.

2024 promises to be a year full of possibilities and opportunities for each of the twelve zodiac signs. The next year of the wood dragon will be in 2084.

Our creativity in dragon is hair&body bar baby Poe. Poe/Pu in China means unworked wood. Our naturally hair&body bar Baby Poe is carefully handmade especially for newborn babies. It has a cleansing, relaxing and soothing effect on all (dragon)babies around the world.

Happy 2024!




Posted: 02-01-2024 21:58:31


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