There are also typical feminine creations in nature. Birch is one of them. She is called: “the white lady with green veil”. Why?

She shines like a slim, chic lady with her silver white bark and silver green lush leaves. It’s a tree of renewal and marks new beginnings everywhere. A benefactor and pioneer par excellence.

Medicinal properties were attributed to these trees for centuries. This ancient science also has an innovative modern-day effect. Birch seems good for skin, nails and hair. It supports collagen production and has a purifying effect due to its saponin.

Birch contains: vitamin C, vitamin B3, minerals, flavonoids, tannins, betulinic acid and ethereal oil.
We only use birch leaves of natural origin, that grow in the wild. Trees without human interference. You know, the more one has been able to work on its own the more powerful. Usually then, the ingredients are optimal present.

We make a powerful birch hydrosol from the leaves. And this booster we use for our Shampoobar Poppy and our popular serum Wonders. Specific for hair care, the effect is stronger by using both items. Shampoobar Poppy actually was created by curly hair types. But also when you just want bouncy hair with a mysterious scent of opium, you can fix it with shampoobar Poppy.

Ladies let's celebrate💚

Posted: 03-03-2024 12:20:30


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