XIE Hair oil


Hair oil XIE creates a healthy scalp environment and beautifully hydrated hair. The right conditions for hair growth. Both in length, strength and volume.

Organic hair oil XIE is a protein infused hair oil. A perfect naturally treatment oil for all hair types. It is intensely nourishing, recovering and hydrating.

What's in it?

A mix of castor oil and grape seed oil infused by different proteins, like: keratin, hair quat and silk protein. Essential oils such as bergamot, orange bitter and rosemary are also added. How refreshing and stimulating!

How you use it?

Shake the bottle before using to get the best composition. Then you put a few drops on your scalp and massage it in on both scalp and hair with your fingertips or with our massage hairbrush. Now you are done and will be surprised at the result and comfortable feeling.

XIE is also the name from the lady with the longest hair in the world. 

We are in love with XIE and for sure you to!

XIE XIE (it means thank you in Chinese)

Posted: 17-04-2024 20:20:34


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