Horse chestnut Infusion against hairloss

Paardenkastanje shampoo/ body tegen haaruitval en cellulitis

Today I went out to pick up some horse chestnuts, which fall a little earlier every year.
Did you know, the fruit of the horse chestnut tree can serve as a natural soap remedy?

Besides cleaning, it also works very well for a good bloodcirculation and softens stretch marks, cellulite and couperose. Your tired body will be grateful revives. For your hair is it a good strenghtening, so for you this fall certainly less hair loss!
This autumn, you will find the chestnut infusion in the shampoo-bar 'Horse' and the Lion which contains kapoor kachli as well and therefore it is doubly effective against hairloss!

Bee Happy shampoo-bar


Bee Happy shampoo-bar with lots of real bee honey🐝 is the ultimate conditioner and recovery after a beautiful and intensive summer. All in one for a complete hair boost and it hopefully contributes to lovely bath rituals!

liquid gold


This beautiful Celtic Tree symbolizes a harmonious connection between earth, water and the sky. A splash of wonderoil is added, which is called the liquid gold. It promisses you full hair and stimulates hairgrowth. Castoroil (wonderoil) contents a high percentage of omega 6, 9 and vitamin E, which helps reduce scars and it is also a proven moisturizer. You get the feeling of a hair/body mask! A wonderful gift!

Zero waste shampoo & body care

Milk cartons get a second life as storage for the shampoobars

One day in the morning I woke up and I suddenly knew, the beautiful and funtional milk cartons get a second life as packaging for the shampoobars. These are quite water resistant because of its coated cardboard.

For sending, we use recycled boxes. With craft wraps inside for protection during shipment. In this way, we do the best we can, to reduce waste.

Little things make the difference and help to create a cleaner world!


Shampoobar lotus in the picture

shampoo- bar Lotus voor glad haar

Shampoobar Lotus is a real winner, because of its hair identical proteins! With a splash of keratin, real silkfibers and a lot of  coconut blossom vinegar this shampoo acts like a serum. The low sodium content of celtic salt provides a solid counterbalance against oily hair. Lavendula hydrosol harmonizes and provides a spring fresh feeling as well. A total picture for beautiful, shiny, healthy and hydrated hair. Spring is in the air!

available in the: Shop

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Shampoo/body bar Magnesium with ‘Meneer den Uil’

Shampoo/ body bar magnesium

I love this shampoo/body bar "Meneer den Uil". It is not a fable! This bar contains a lot of magnesium which is an essential mineral for the formation of your bones and muscles. It seems to be even better aborbed by your skin than internally. Especially during stressful periods, it will helps you to relax your muscles and can provide a better sleep without cramps. It is also a helping hand during menopause against hair loss and other discomfort.

Video process rosemary hydrosol

shampoo-bar anti roos met rozemarijn

Enjoying the wonderful scent of rosemary! See the video video process hydrosol rosemary in the Gallery

Rosemary, called spice of joy! It is anti-bacterial, prevents dandruff and is exceptional for scalp problems. Used in the shampoo-bar Anti Rose and shampoo-bar Faith.

Both shampoobars are available in the SHOP

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