Natural toothpaste matcha

Is the synthetic tooth brush and synthetic toothpaste still your remedy for a healthy oral environment? 

Think about: we invent the best for our foods, wine and household. We have climate chambers for drinks and a lot of food improvers. But for our body entrance and maintenance, we seem often thoughtless and rely on the chemical industry.
Wouldn't you be better off with a natural toothbrush with some natural toothpaste? 

What's in it?

Matcha powder. It contains naturally fluor itself for strong teeth.
Coconut oil. It seems to eliminate bacteria.
Celtic salt. It contains all the necessary minerals we need as humans.
Mint hydrosol. It has proven to be a medicinal herb and seems to help against mucosal inflammation.
Butterfly pea tee. It reduces the risk of tooth decay.

You need a tiny bit and stay okay for the rest of the day. Very economical you will notice.

Yeah, what fills the heart, will flow over from the mouth!

Shop natural oral careπŸ’š




Treat yourself with this ultra creamy coffee infused face scrub Earth. World's best ingredients such as organic HOI coffee from Vietnam, Ceylon cinnamon, pink clay and local honey from Cothen are packed in a sun wax shell.

Coffee seems a wonderful boost for the in and outside man. Did you know coffee contains a lot of antioxidants? That it prevent skin aging? That it can help against puffy eyes? That it hydrates and can make your skin soft and supple?

And then the wonderful smell...we want coffee and more coffee...

Time for a coffee scrub!





Autumn, the season of crysants with a symbolic of a long and happy life. This beautiful naturally saponified shampoobar is handmade from Ayurvedic Shikakai powder. It contains a lot of vitamins and saponin itselves.

Do you want naturally bouncy hair as starter for your hair styling, then you are perfect with our shampoobar crysant.

Bring on Autumn πŸ‚



Skin oil Isabel changes with the seasons. If you want to warm and envelop yourself with a blend of the best natural oils, with the scent of sandelwood, choose skin oil winterglow. Directly from the apothecary’s bottle you achieve the perfect winterglow. Your skin will remember you of the beautiful summer time, as if it never passed. A rich blend of nourishing oils keep your skin hydrated, healthy and beautiful. Rose and apricot kernel oil both contains a lot of vitamin A, C and E. Both are known for their wonderful skin activating and firming properties. Immerse yourself in age-old beauty secrets, also known as Cleopatra’s choice.





LOHAS AUTUMN is ready and made from the harvest of horse chestnuts we've just collected. The picture you see on the shampoobar are the water lily's of Monet. The lush vigor of the water lily's symbolizes with hair growth we cherish. LOHAS means Life of health and sustainability and it is a market you maybe never heard of. The market consist of several segments ranging from organic food to fuel efficient cars and natural health products and much, much more. The interesting aspect of LOHAS is that the group of people all over the world are linked together for their values and beliefs. The group is growing fast. The circle is complete!



Shampooing marron

Slowly we change of season. Time to gather beautiful gifts of nature: horse chestnuts.

We peel them and mix it with a hydrosol of vervain and echinacea to process it in our hair and bodybar LOHAS. Horse chestnuts seems good for the blood circulation and stimulates hair growth and can help you against hair loss. This all due its active ingredient aescine. Aescine is a mix of saponins with medicinal effects. 

Do you want a kind of massage bar which makes you energetic, feeling comfortable and at the same time stimulating beautifully groomed hair?

I say wholeheartedly LOHAS autumn/winter. You can  order here online, but we bring them also to the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam this Saturday and on Sunday 24th at the harvest festival in Doorwerth.




Using organic and natural chew sticks in your routine life is very beneficial for oral health. Once used by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, the chewing stick of old was just a simply small wood toothbrush. Scientifically, tree sticks seems better than synthetic toothbrushes and besides are these much more sustainable for the planet.

The mouth is the entry point to your overall health. Natural oral care is the starting point to smile, talk, smell, taste, touch, kiss, chew and swallow with confidence and pleasure.

Natural teeth cleaning sticks can make your teeth brighter, whiter and stronger. The beneficial contents of the sticks can even make your overall health better. A side effect by using these highly nutritious sticks maybe is a little natural detox as well.


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