Long and strong nails serum wonders

The condition of our nails shows a lot about our overall condition. Our hair, skin and nails need enough protein to strengthen. Our diet should be healthy and we normally need about 0,9 grams protein per kilogram of body weight. Look at our consultant's for inspiration of healthy food.

Externally we recommend to use serum wonders for both nails and hair. Serum Wonders provides our hair and nails from protein. In this way we nourish them from the outside. It can help us on the way to strong hair and beautiful natural shiny nails. It is all in your hands!


Serum Wonders 





Isabel consultant skinfood

Imperfection was not always and everywhere considered an appreciated feature of the handmade product, but times have changed. Beauty find the perfection in the imperfections. That is pure, real and sustainable.

We contribute with perfect care for your face, especially the skin around your eyes. Bambi skin care is made with grape seed oil and low molecular hyaluronic acid.

What is hyaluronic acid?
It is a natural substance of the body, stored in our skin, connective and nerve tissue. It regulates the hydration of the skin and flexibility of the joints. When we get older, we should need a little extra. We add a pinch natural vegan hyaluronic acid to Bambi skin care.

What exactly does it do? Due to a high water binding capacity hyaluronic acid is able like tiny sponges to increase its own volume extremely thus bolstering up the skin from inside out.

What is the efficacy? The skin looks firmer and wrinkles are less visible.

Contact Isabel when you need advice about your personal skin care. You also can order your Bambi skin care and we freshly prepare yours.



Sun balm woolly

You prefer natural! You love the creation of the universe and feel one. You feel wonderful with the sun. You are fascinated by natural processes. You don’t fight nature, but you live together in harmony and have faith in the beautiful creation of our planetary system. You are smart and sun wise.

Choose sun balm Woolly! It is natural skinfood with zinc. Zinc is a mineral of the universe, which can give you some extra protection to spend longer in the sun undressed. Slowly your skin get used to the sun and will react with a nice tan. Another benefit is your body will make vitamin D itself. It is all beautiful and fascinating, like you!




Hydro lotion Yer

Switch your daily care to a hydrating body wash LOHAS SUMMER and Yer's hydro lotion. Body wash LOHAS contains a light scrub from boswelia resin to exfoliate your skin. The yellow color is from natural healthy turmeric. This all is soaked in immortal hydrosol which nourishing your skin with vitamins and can help to prevent skin problems. 

After bathing you can use hydro lotion Yer to keep your skin perfect hydrated all day long. Yer's hydro lotion main ingredients are babassu oil, vervain hydrosol and lemongrass. Ultimate summer feelings are guaranteed! During the day you can spray skin tonic to give your skin another boost. Do you also want to join Yer’s skin care routine?






Scrub treatment earth

A tribute to all mothers on earth! These gentle scrubs for face, feet or entire body are sustainable handcrafted peelings. Different peelings are packed in a coloured sunflower wax earth shell. When the content runs out, you can have it refilled or another option is to burn a candle in it.       

Peelings are the beginning of every beauty treatment. Face scrub is a fine grained substance with pink clay, local honey, orange peel and cinnamon. Delicious!

Feet scrub with raw Himalaya salt is an effective scrub for your feet and cracked heels. Nice firm massage and peeling in one!

Body scrub with Ayurvedic ubtan powder, rhassoul clay and Dead Sea salt is a gentle nourishing peeling for the entire body.

In the run-up to Mother’s Day you can never pamper your dearest and nearest too much.

Gift Mother’s Earth



Bambi skinfood

Be on your way to everlasting natural beauty with skinfood Bambi.

This magic cream is made with vegan hyarulonic acid and has a anti aging effect on your skin. Hyarulonic acid is a natural human component which decreases as you get older. We add vegan hyarulonic acid in skinfood Bambi and wonders of wonders it contributes to a healthy firm skin and a more youthful appearance. This supplement makes it possible to treat wrinkles and puffy eyes yourself.

With proven experiments and one and all respect for nature, we find the balance of youthfulness without loosing our sober mature and responsible view of the world. 

Thanks to Bambi!



Hair and body bar Penguins

Today April 25 it is world penguins day. Did you know, the king penguins can distinguish the sound of a family member among a group of 80000 other penguins?

Our hair&body bar Penguin with the lovely recognizable design will please your whole family. Penguins is full of the wanted protein, silicic acid and aescine. So, get rid of stiffness, tiredness and poor structure of hair and skin. Penguins show your hair and skin bounce and lustre. Penguins make you feel like the king of the world, every day!

Get your Penguin family🐧



Reusing milk cartons for shampoobars

Sustainability is a top priority at Shampoo Fra Mundo. How can we waste as little as possible? It's a good question and as usual is the answer quite simple: REUSING.

Milk cartons get a second life with us, as storage for the shampoobars. These are already water resistant due the coating inside, so these can have another live in the shower. 

Get your shampoobars online or come to the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam.

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