Lip balm Manon

Will you be one of the lucky ones this Valentine?

Chocolate is the food of love. What if you can unlimited enjoy the taste of chocolate without consuming the calories?

Manon looks like something to eat
It smells like a good coffee
It taste like a chocolate
It makes you feel good
Oh la la, you'll love Manon

Guess, shop and then fill in your favorite shampoobar at the comment. On February 14, 2024 we will choose random 2 Manon users. The lucky ones get their favorite shampoo bar sent home.






Shampoobar Monte Carlo

Shampoo bar Monte Carlo is inspired by formula 1.

You have high standards.You want to shine. You want your hair easy to model. You want it to be protected against free radicals and hair tools. You like to control every single hair.
And then it should also be sustainable, natural, healthy and economical. And please fast, either directly.

Is that all going together? The answer is YES!

Shampoobar Monte Carlo has it all!

It is because of the green tea wax. Formula 1 in terms of protection and shine, due to the high content of antioxidants. At the same time your hair is preserved by a little layer of wax.

Especially recommended when you are in a hurry and you use tools to model your hair. After using Monte Carlo your hair feel smooth, is extremely manageable and at the same time protected.

You definitely qualify for party mode!

Run to shop 




Isabel’s winterglow

When James Bond went to a health and beauty center as a ignorant employee using bottles of secret oils, he occurred successfully.

I hear you thinking, what it has to do with your business?

Well my name is Isabel, Isabel Marie. I want to share something, which you certainly benefits from.
Maybe you feel a little bit lost and disappointed in your personal care. You are done with all the false promises of the cosmic industry and you are looking for real natural body care. A lasting natural remedy for your dry and grey skin during winters.

My Isabel’s winterglow changes your poor skin into a healthy and hydrated body skin in no time.

I can say Isabel’s winterglow forever and ever!

In the name of 007, I think we got the point and go for a skin to be kissed!

Isabel Marie


Hair&body bar baby poe

Dragons are so called angels of the orient. Dragons are the most highly revered zodiac animal of all. Did you know why Chinese parents want dragon babies?

In this region dragons are considered a symbol of power and strength. Dragons represents good luck and health. And apparently these newborns are often successful in their life. Chinese people even think emperors of dynasties are reincarnations of dragons.

The year of the wood dragon 2024 is special, because it’s a rare combination of the dragon’s power and the wood’s creativity. It is a year of innovation and growth. It is a year to pursue your dreams, express your ideas and expand your horizons.

2024 promises to be a year full of possibilities and opportunities for each of the twelve zodiac signs. The next year of the wood dragon will be in 2084.

Our creativity in dragon is hair&body bar baby Poe. Poe/Pu in China means unworked wood. Our naturally hair&body bar Baby Poe is carefully handmade especially for newborn babies. It has a cleansing, relaxing and soothing effect on all (dragon)babies around the world.

Happy 2024!





Joy of Christmas

We have a lot of fun in the hectic run-up to Christmas. We’re getting ready and meanwhile we feed on desire, hope and beautiful moments of being together.

Do you also feel a little bit exited for everything to come?

Hopefully you can facing the future with confidence and some feelings of joy. We think it's all about the little things and gratitude is the key.

We wish you all a spark of hope and joy to continue on your life path. Hopefully you can appreciate the little surprises. Last weekend we had a big surprise, because Santa Claus just came to see us. What a warm welcome! 

Our team will always be there for you with beautiful gifts that will please everyone. Ordinary moments suddenly become special! 

Thanks 🙏🏻 


Winterglow skincare

Get your winterglow while enjoying - the one and only - Pien’s Belgian chocolate milk. Filled with little moments of happiness. Your desire for authenticity suddenly becomes reality and indulges your senses. Just here at the Amstelveld in Amsterdam dreams come truth!




Shampoobar with gold decorated oyster

We all know, we have to take responsibility for our planet. Especially now to pass on a livable planet for our children.

Our small family business have ideals and ideas enough!

We make useful gifts which are not harmful for our planet. We make it with passion and pack it for you in cute reused milk cartons. And when you come back on the market for a refill, you always get one euro discount on your next shampoobar.

What if you buy in our shop?

Especially on the way to Christmas, you get for every shampoo bar in the online store, one gold decorated oyster holder in return.

Christmas shopping for all your loved ones has never been easier with our beautiful and handcrafted body care and shampoo bars. Then in your bathroom exchanging shampoo bars can begin!

Let’s get started!


Natural acne treatment with lavender

After the bees feed on lavender, it’s our time to benefit from the vitamins and minerals of the fragrant purple plants. We extract the essence by destillation to get lavender hydrosol. 

What are the benefits for you?

Besides the wonderful scent, lavender seems a medicinal plant. Lavender’s secret ingredient is linalol. A well tolerated substance that makes soothing the mind and skin as well. Lavender seems a very good remedy with acne, because of its anti bacterial effect. Acne bacteria thrives on increased sebum production, but can be reduced by using lavender hydrosol. Applied together with our skin healing balm, you create the ultimate natural remedy against acne.

Time to sit back and relax💜

Get your treatment by choosing skin tonic body and skin healing balm in the natural skincare shop here


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